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4 Responses

  1. yolo says:

    this is stupid dressarge is awsome just because u dont like it others do and any way i bet u cant get on a horseand do that any way i should no i hprse ride its quite hard and it is a sport sit on the sofer and stand up and down does that wear u out cause thats wat u hav to do in horse ridin

  2. Randy McFuckhard says:

    Something which doesn’t require any effort; grammar and punctuation. This is an adult forum for educated conversation. Please come back when you have wiped the dribble from your mouth and learnt to convey your thoughts in a coherent and decipherable format.

  3. Birdy Young says:

    Come on, act a bit more mature! Just because you don’t think dressage is a sport, doesn’t mean it isn’t. I invite you to go on a horse and ride a dressage kür on Olympic level. I can promise you two things;

    – You won’t be able to. Riders have to use every single muscle of their body to make their horse walk correctly. If one tiny muscle or joint in, for instance, their leg is a tiny bit in a wrong place, the horse could be interrupted, disturberd or confused in it’s movement. Also, because the horse moves a lot, you won’t sit so easy. As a result, all you will do is hubble around a bit like a toddler on a Shetland pony.

    – Second, I can guarantee you that you will not be able to walk painless for the next few days. Your poor little leg muscles, your belly and maybe even your back will hurt like hell. They fill feel like the have been torn apart, then sewn back together with barbed wire. That’s pretty much a sign that you ARE using your body, and that it really is a sport for both horse and human.

    The art of dressage is making it look easy for the uninformed people. And it does, right? That makes it not only a sport, but art to!

  4. Randy McFuckhard says:


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