Dressage Finds a New Sponsor

I can’t believe we lost our gold medal in the 100 metres as Usain Bolt was wearing red shoes not yellow” – said no one in Jamaica….ever.

However this could easily be the claim of any top rider in any dressage competition. According to the official rule book of dressage;

A rider may automatically be deducted points for having the wrong colour gloves

Do you know where people get judged on clothing they are wearing…. it’s called a catwalk. A catwalk is not where sports are performed.

I could understand if perhaps the gloves had some sort of enhancing proposition being a different colour which is why it offends the judges so much remove points (note: multiple, not single on “points”).

Are red gloves the steroids of dressage? I only ask as I can’t see any particular “sporting” reason as to exclude red gloves from an event?

For example in pole vault, I am no expert, but I am pretty sure adding a spring to the bottom of the pole would be illegal and that should definitely result in deducted points for attempting this cheating (although brilliant!) tactic.

But do you know what you can do if you are a pole vaulter without fear of losing a possible gold medal – you may choose the colour of the tape you wish to place upon your hand

What if on the big day of your dressage event, you have spent many years of your life dancing with your horse to get to the highest level possible (within your paycheck) in the field of dressage, and mum accidently threw in her red socks with your dressage gloves.

Congratulations, you have just wasted your life’s goal.

Perhaps Persil should sponsor the dressage team?

Making your whites whiter (although can’t make anything a sport)

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