Dressage: destroying other cultures too

Having read a few articles on the site, one can begin to get a clear picture of the type of supporter of this event attracts.

If you had guessed urban youth – you would be dead wrong. But that’s not to say the upper class is beyond trying to gain some street cred.

The below clip demonstrates this in effect. Personally if you took something I really enjoyed/used as a way to define my generation and made a horse dance to it while the owner wears clothing that wouldn’t be out of place in the 1800’s navy – I would have preferred you simply punch me in the face.

The most ironic thing about the whole situation is I have never heard the line in hip hop (and I will admit I am not a connoisseur of this particular format of music)

“Me and my horse be popping and locking yo, all the fly bitches be wanting my stead – and they like my white ass horse too”

Although I’m just paraphrasing as nothing says “Gansta” like 50 year old women screaming in the audience (minute 1.09)

Thug life forever yall’

Final note: the comments on youtube are worth a scroll through themselves.

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2 Responses

  1. Amelia Jones says:

    That video is fake… It’s altered; you can see at minute 0:23 that the tail just reverses because the clip was rewinded. Also, I did read the comments. Here’s one that I would like to share with you: “Dressage is a series of tests, developed long ago to prove the skill, stamina and strength of a horse and rider. Only the fittest and most skilled horses can perform these well. A rider must also be skillful enough to guide the horse into each movement with the least amount of noticeable effort. Any experienced rider will tell you, that also requires skill, stamina and strength. Both the horse and rider are impressive athletes. It’s in the Olympics because the committee recognizes that.”
    Please stop being ignorant and try getting on a horse yourself and doing half-passes and passages before you judge this sport. Fix the grammatical errors in your article as well.

  2. Duan says:

    When pointing out grammitical errors you should make an effort not to make one yourself, especialy in the first sentence. Go look up rules for semicolons.

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