Dressage 2056

It has been noted that many people couldn’t think of anything more ridiculous than dressage.

I will admit I wouldn’t have created a website about dressage if I knew of something more wrong with the world.

Side note: Yes, dressage, tops famine, aids and pretty much any disease involving children as being “wrong with the world”

However dressage, not to be outdone with the incredibly low standard that it has set for itself, I give you the dressage simulator.

I’m glad that they have removed the need for the rider to give the impression they are actually doing anything. Before it was just confusing – “did he move his wrist to the right, well that clearly shows he is a true athlete”

The best thing about this video is the fact that the simulator is still cheaper than an actual horse………or perhaps the fact he dressed up to ride his “robot horse”

I assume he did it for the robot horse self esteem and it was much more appreciated than say…….actually giving the horse legs!!!

But!, the robot apocalypse will not be started by the legless robots…..i will give you that dressage. (They just have best reason to destroy us all)

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4 Responses

  1. Happy Bunny says:

    Great site, I was thinking about running a franchise for this in pubs throughout the UK, bit like that American riding the bull game. What do you think, will it work?

  2. Matt Baker says:

    I think it would go down a treat in the pubs of Windsor and Chelsea..

  3. ... says:

    You have clearly never ridden a horse before. The concept of dressage is to train the horse to move the way the rider tells it to, at the same time as the rider must keep the balance and control of the horse. Dressage literally just means to make the horse listen to its owner and to move it’s body in a proper way, and the owner to be a good rider. In other words, horse and rider building a bond and cooperating in a healthy way. Then we compete about who does it the best. Then what is your problem? Fighting for something you obviously don’t know a thing about, and last but certainly not least, using lots of energy at being negative. Waste of time and energy. But anyway, whatever kind of hate and/or anger it is, it stems fro the fear deep inside you.

  4. yl says:

    Please update this website for the 2016 Olympics. We need to stop this thing called dressage. It’s downright embarrassing that the U.S. has actually *metaled* in this sport – many times! Oy, I thought the queen of England was the only one pompous enough to have a horse prance around with a ridiculous top-hat wearing bloke spanking it with a white glove. But, apparently good, hard-working Americans have fallen prey to this ridiculous sport…

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